Constitutional Right

There is no doubt why medical marijuana (mmj) has benefit.

It is non-toxic. Ingested, the human body absorbs a familiar chemistry, a source of cannabinoids that heal on the cellular level. This statement is in contradiction to the DEA’s stance.

endocannabinoid-systemBut in fact, we share with all other vertebrates the endocannabinoid system, evolved out of nature to balance our organism through the cellular signaling process. This process, only just discovered in the 1960’s, is integral to all body function from blood to bone.

Let’s get the best minds on this miraculous discovery of knowledge just when our survival as a species/planet needs it most!

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Cure Our Country: A Current Cannabis Update to “Save Our Souls” (S.O.S.)

In an update to the “Save Our Souls” of past generations’ S.O.S. call over the Morse Code radio lines, the United States needs to Save Our Souls right now. Like, right now.

COC Life Preserver

The update is to “Cure Our Country”!

Some of you rocking rebels out there probably recall another C.O.C. of recent history. And truly, a corrosion of conformity is exactly what’s needed to cure our country. Whether you even know, like, love or hate the heavy metal music of Corrosion Of Conformity, that’s not the issue at hand.

The corrosion of conformity we need to cure our country is with the stigma surrounding our most likely savior in this, humanity’s eleventh hour. Conformity has allowed us to program a nation with lies and misinformation. Stigma controls our behaviors, actions and beliefs.

The cure for our country lies in the Genesis Seed. Medical luminaries as tall as Andrew Weil know it. In this video with a CNN reporter, Dr. Weil refers to the obvious value in the “medical potential” of MMJ while intelligently dismissing the “laughable” notion of a Drug-Free America. HIV trailblazer and Professor Emeritus of Medicine at UCSF, Dr. Morris Schambelan knows it. Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus at Harvard School of Medicine knows it. The human body with it’s neuro-processing Endocannabinoid system knows it.

You could know this truth too. If you’re willing to look past all the deceit we’ve been preached, with open eyes and research for yourself. Clint Werner’s book, Marijuana: Gateway to Health is a fine place to start. You can read enough to prompt the purchase of this incredible, game-changing illumination of factual medical research commonly kept out of the mass media right here (scroll down to read customer reviews, watch this blog for our own book review).

The mass hypocrisy we are experiencing in this nation has to end. My best guess is that over 60% of our adult population introduces marijuana to their bodies at least annually. I’d bet that over 80% of the US population has tried it at least once (with no significantly ill effects). Of those numbers, over half are in denial and reduced to deceit about that fact due to fear of persecution. Why are we so against feeling okay? Programming.

Better question is why are we so okay with far more debasing elements in our society? MMJ is the most probable way for us to Cure Our Country.

How much more hypocrisy can YOU stand? Who? If not You?

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Special moment of the annual solar dance fast approaching.

The Green Genes is always excited by the dip and sway of the Earth Dance!

Abide inside the fire of life under the water that is mother of all.

Peace and Blessings, Love and Cherish All…

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Group Hug

Being a farmer can be a solitary affair. I like it that way, but growing with others is muy importante without a doubt. Let’s be sure to come together with our gardens, our pastures, our hearths and hearts.

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Hey, man! Don’t harsh my trip.

I just want to know when all you people are going to get it together and cut this shit out!

We need to re-seed, to feed. No more to bleed.

The answer has been here, see it now.


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