Constitutional Right

There is no doubt why medical marijuana (mmj) has benefit.

It is non-toxic. Ingested, the human body absorbs a familiar chemistry, a source of cannabinoids that heal on the cellular level. This statement is in contradiction to the DEA’s stance.

endocannabinoid-systemBut in fact, we share with all other vertebrates the endocannabinoid system, evolved out of nature to balance our organism through the cellular signaling process. This process, only just discovered in the 1960’s, is integral to all body function from blood to bone.

Let’s get the best minds on this miraculous discovery of knowledge just when our survival as a species/planet needs it most!

About Mr. Green Genes

Mr. Green Genes lives with his consort on a retreat in northern NM. Grows like the dickens, with lots of chickens, abiding at the Abode.
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